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SAP Business One, the ERP solution can be implemented
right “out of the box”, providing you vitalization and
real-time management of your business,
while saving time and cost.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an all-in-one ERP package that gives
you access to all basic enterprise operations and allows you
to manage almost every aspect of your SME (Small to Middle Enterprise).

Available in 27 languages and localized for 43 countries,
SAP Business One strongly enhances the growth of your
company and profitability. Equipped with every standard
business transaction modules needed, SAP Business One
does not require extra customization, allowing it to be
implemented quickly while minimizing the cost.

ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business Oneで短期間、低コストの導入ができ、充実の機能で「可視化されたリアルタイム経営」を実現

The Benefits of SAP Business One

Integrating various business management processes, SAP Business One not only cuts the total cost of
implementation/operation, but also improves the sales force by optimizing business efficiency and decision making process.

  • Optimize business efficiency by
    visualizing data throughout
    the entire company

    Without a company-wide data sharing solution, it takes time and effort to aggregate and
    analyze the data.

    Sharing data with the whole
    company will save your time on
    data aggregations, allowing you to focus on essential tasks.

  • Real-time data reference
    contributes to the business strategy planning

    Without real-time grasp on the business results, it is hard to make quick management

    Grasping business results in
    real-time will boost the speed of
    decision making and
    management strategy planning.

  • No more unnecessary
    data immigration

    With a decentralized system,
    it is a hassle to supplement
    the database with manual input.

    Centralizing the system will
    negate the need for data
    immigration, improving the
    numerical precision of the data,
    and accelerate the end of month
    report process as well.

The Features of SAP Business One

Feature 1: Short Term & Low Cost Implementation with Rich Variety of Standard Functions

SAP Business One comes with sufficient business transaction modules, such as sales/purchasing process management module
and accounting module, allowing it to be implemented quickly with low cost.

Equipped with every business transaction modules SMEs require, SAP Business One can be implemented without any customization,
saving both time and cost, while providing our customers the ability of “Visualized Real-Time Management”.

  • Quick Implementation

    With its simple structure and design,
    SAP Business One can be implemented within
    few months.

  • Low Cost

    With its explicit implementation procedure,
    the development process of
    SAP Business One can be minimized

  • Standard Functions

    With its rich variety of function modules,
    SAP Business One supports every aspect of
    standard SME business process.

List of Standard Functions
Functions Details
Service Business, Service Contract Management, Service Planning, Customer Follow Up, Customer Support,
Sales Opportunity Management Support.
Inventory Status Management, Setting Up Storage Bin, Managing Inventory by Storage Bin, Item Unit Management by
Transaction Type, Item Management, Creating Price List, Special Price Contract, Item Transfer Between Storages,
Stock Processing Management.
Creating purchase request & purchase quotation, Issuing purchase order, Updating inventory,
Calculating prices for foreign goods, Processing returned items & credit memos,
Operation & maintenance of business transactions, such as payment processing,
Creating tree structure BoMs & production orders, Reporting with regularly update data of the inventory status
(stocks and materials).
MRP Creating plans based on reservation lists, sales orders, and inventory status with MRP wizard, Optimizing purchase orders,
Automatically creating production orders.
Case Management, Creating price quotations, Creating sales orders, Managing item deliveries, Updating stocked items,
Assisting invoice/bond management
G/L Entry, Account Assignment & Maintenance, Journal Entry, Currency Translation, Funds Management,
Processing all types of accounting transactions, such as fixed asset accounting,
Supporting IFRS and national accounting standards simultaneously
Evaluating performance & understanding current management status of your company,
Planning & proposing management strategies, Internal Control,
Assisting decision making processes/analyses/simulations, such as pricing
Feature 2: No IT Experience Needed

With its easy to use simplicity, it does not take an IT expert to operate/maintain SAP Business One on a daily basis.

  • UI and Maneuverability that does not require any IT background
  • Change and setup the display language per user
  • Flexible customizations: color, font, and style
  • Create/inspect visualized reports and charts
Feature 3: Strong Global Expansion Support

Available in 27 languages and localized for 43 countries (covering each of their laws, regulations, and business customs),
SAP Business One plays a big part when it comes to the globalization of your SME.

Multilanguage Available in 27 languages.

Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French,
German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil),
Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish

Multicurrency Available in multiple currencies.
Localization Localized in 43 countries.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France,
Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia,
South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

The Reason Why SAP Business One Is Easy To Use

The following are the 4 reasons why SAP Business One is commonly considered easy to use.

  1. 1. Simple and Intuitive

    Customizable UI

    ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One機能「①直感的に扱えるシンプルな使いやすさ」
  2. 2. Multilanguage

    Customizable Display Language

    ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One機能「②多言語対応」
  3. 3. Relationship Maps

    Relationship Maps allow you to visualize all the information related to sales documents of your desire.

    ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One機能「③伝票データが一目瞭然の「関連性マップ」」
  4. 4. Visualization

    Visualize and analyze aggregated data from item/business partner master data with charts.

    ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One機能「④グラフィカルな統計データ」

The System Structure of SAP Business One

The System Structure of SAP Business One

The List of Function Modules of SAP Business One

Equipped with various standard function modules (such as sales/purchasing/accounting modules),
SAP Business One is designed to be implemented without any customization while providing full functionality to our customers.

Modules Details
Sales Opportunity, Sales Blanket Agreement, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery, Return, A/R Down Payment Request,
A/R Invoice, A/R Invoice & Payment, A/R Credit Memo, A/R Reserve Invoice, A/R Monthly Invoice,
Document Generation Wizard, Recurring Transactions, Recurring Transaction Templates,
Document Printing, Dunning Wizard, Gross Profit Recalculation Wizard
Resources Resource Master Data, Resource Capacity, Set Daily Internal Capacities
Production/MRP Bill of Materials, Production Order, Procurement Confirmation Wizard, Receipt from Production,
Issue for Production, Update Parent Item Prices Globally, Production Cost Recalculation Wizard,
Bill of Materials: Component Management, Production Standard Management, Production Reports,
Forecasts, MRP Wizard, Order Recommendation
Item/Inventory Item Master Data, Bar Codes, Document Printing, Bin Locations, Serial Number Management,
Batch Management, Alternative Items, Business Partner Catalog Numbers,
Inventory Valuation Method, Inventory Receipt, Goods Issue, Inventory Transfer Request,
Inventory Transfer, Inventory Counting, Inventory Posting, Inventory Opening Balance,
Cycle Count Recommendations, Inventory Revaluation, Price Lists, Period and Volume Discounts,
Discount Groups, Special Prices for Business Partners, Copy Special Prices to Selection Criteria,
Update Special Prices Globally, Pick and Pack Manager, Pick List
Financials/Accounting Chart of Accounts, Edit Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Journal Vouchers, Posting Templates,
Recurring Postings, Reverse Transactions, Exchange Rate Differences, Fixed Assets,
Conversion Differences, Internal Reconciliation, Budget Setup, Cost Accounting,
(Cost Center and Distribution),
Banking Incoming Payments, Check Register, Credit Card Management, Deposit, Postdated Check Deposit,
Outgoing Payments, Checks for Payment, Bill of Exchange Management, Bill of Exchange transactions,
Bill of Exchange -Receivables, Bill of Exchange: Payables, Bill of Exchange Register, Payment Wizard,
Bank Statement Processing, Reconciliation, Check Number Confirmation, Payment Orders
Purchasing Purchase Blanket Agreement, Purchase Request, Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order,
Goods Receipt PO, Goods Return, A/P Down Payment Request, A/P Invoice, A/P Credit Memo,
A/P Reserve Invoice, A/P Monthly invoice, Recurring Transactions, Recurring Transactions Templates,
Landed Costs, Procurement Confirmation Wizard, Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard,
Service (CRM) Service Call, Equipment Card, Service Contract

FutureOne’s Expertise

Our Know-How

Targeting mainly on SME customers, we have provided IT consulting
service and system construction service for more than 30 years,
implementing systems to more than 1200 successful customers.
Also, our own brand platform “Triple R” is running in total of 8000
companies including OEM products.

With years of experience serving SME customers,
we are able to implement SAP Business One,
fully utilizing its features while saving time and cost without any risk.

ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One「FutureOneのノウハウ」
SAP Business One Certified Consultants

We have many experienced SAP Business One Certified Consultants in
FutureOne. SAP Business One Certified Consultant is
an official title certifies one’s knowledge about SAP Business One,
granted from SAP to those who have passed the official certification exam.

As members of the implementation project team,
our Certified Consultants will analyze your requests and issues
in order to efficiently implement SAP Business One with
its maximum potential into the operation flow of your company.

ノンカスタマイズ型ERPパッケージSAP Business One 認定コンサルタント

SAP Business One Seminar Information

SAP Business One Seminars (with demonstrations) and SAP Business One Hands-On Seminars are held in FutureOne.
We strongly recommend you to sign up to witness the cutting-edge solution of SAP Business One and have a hands-on experience of its various functionalities.

We recommend SAP Business One to anyone
(no matter the industry or business category) with needs such as following.
IT department personnel who
wish to improve their business
efficiency by implementing
a new system.
Management planning supervisors
who wish implement a
non-customized ERP system
with short time span and
low cost.
SME managers who wish to
utilize ERP solution with
global expansion capabilities
C-level executives who are
considering a system renewal
in order to increase their
corporate values
1. SAP Business One Seminar

Popular seminars with different content each time. Please click on the link for more details.

2. SAP Business One Hands-On Seminar

Seminars are held 3 to 4 time per month on Fridays to provide hand-on on experience with SAP Business One.
We are able to cater to your individual requests and questions at the seminar since it is held in smaller groups.

SAP Business One Seminars at FutureOne is cosponsored by FutureOne and SAP Japan.

The Roadmap of SAP Business One

As described in the following roadmap, SAP Business One will support the expansion of our customers with systematic and stable enhancement of
its functionalities. FutureOne considers SAP Business One as the best ERP solution for our SME customers who wish to cut the cost of IT investment.

SAP Business One ロードマップ
New Functions of SAP Business One latest version 9.2
Access from Browsers

You can now access SAP Business One from HTML5 browsers (Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox). Since client software installation is not necessary,
the system does not require reconfiguration each time when users switch their computers or upgrades are applied.
You can choose in between remote access version and browser access version to suit your convenience.

Project Management Function

You can link to marketing document and production order to compare planned result and the actual result with the new Project Management Function.
For the production management aspect, standard cost can be setup on BoM (Bill of materials) in order to perform multi-layer cost calculations on BoM.
Also scheduling setting is more efficient with the enhanced resource management.

CRM Function

CRM module is added to the pervasive dashboard of SAP HANA, the high-speed in-memory database for SAP Business One.
With new views to the sales/purchasing/inventory management modules, multiple charts display function, additional data types,
“SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA 9.2” allows you to display KPIs with much more flexibility.
Time slider function is also added for a quick access to data from any period.